3 Kids, a boat

and, Mum and Dad.

We are a pretty regular family.

Mum and Dad met through their combined love of sailing and got together after Co-Skippering a Transatlantic crossing. They lived in Antigua for a while – that’s where Sophie was born,  then Isla arrived and they moved back to Chichester, soon after this, Jocie came along.  Mum and Dad originally wanted to go sailing again once we were all grown and gone, but then they thought – why wait?

Ryan (Dad) - Skipper & Anchorman

Ryan (Dad) - Skipper & Anchorman

I grew up in Chichester Harbour, sailing. I am a restless person who is always looking to the future and love adrenaline sports. I worked the first 10 years of my life as a skipper until it was time to get settled with the kids... settling is not really my thing, so a 5 year plan was formed and the combination of these efforts has come to fruition. I figured being the only male in the house wasn't hard enough and confining ourselves to a boat for a year may be my biggest challenge so far!

Liz (Mum) - Head of Boatschool & all things organisational

Liz (Mum) - Head of Boatschool & all things organisational​

I have loved being on or around the sea for as long as I can remember, I even begged my parents for a dog when I was little so it could swim in the sea with me (they did not oblige)! After a mish mash of attempts at a grown up life - I decided to become a yacht skipper and sailed many miles for many years before finally settling in Antigua and then Chichester. I am intrigued to see how we will all pull together as a team on board and how different we will feel on our return!​

Sophie - Chief Admiral

Sophie - Chief Admiral

I love dolphins and elephants. My favourite colour is turquoise, just like the sea! Some of my hobbies are sailing, surfing and swimming and ... basically all water sports! I'm OK at most stuff, but I am absolutely rubbish at singing!

Isla - Chief Engineer

Isla - Chief Engineer​

I love dolphins and otters. I am a fruit and veg lover. I dislike cauliflower and mushrooms! I have all the Tom Gates Books and I love to read them.

Jocie - Chief Biscuit Eater

I like cheese and chocolate! I am looking forward to jumping into the sea and swimming in the sea! I can't wait to go to the beach. I will miss my house and my bed but I like my bed on the boat!