The boat


"Dalliance of Chichester" was named in 2001

Dalliance of Chichester

She was built at Northshore Shipyard in 1996 and when Keith (Liz’s dad), bought her, she was not named Dalliance – she was AMAZII 2. Liz and her dad along with 3 other’s sailed Amanzi 2 across the Atlantic in 2001 and only changed her name after reaching safely! It is considered bad luck to change a boats name and so we waited! Dalliance was named by Keith and is a merging of Liz and her brother David’s names as well aptly meaning ‘dilly, dally’!


Dalliance is a spacious yacht by most standards and the fact that she is a catamaran means that you do not need to worry about where you put your drinks – she does not lean over! Dalliance has 4 bedrooms (cabins) and 4 bathrooms (heads). When we do not have visitors, Isla and Jocie share a twin cabin and Sophie has her own cabin. Luckily there is enough room for everyone to have a bit of ‘downtime’ if we need it! There is no TV onboard so we play lots of games, do crafts and read books. Mum is trying to teach us how to knit – but she is really bad at knitting so that is not working out too well! The kitchen (galley) has a cooker, stove and a sink like any other kitchen… but there is no dishwasher so we have to take turns washing up. Mum says we have to take care not to dirty our cloths as we do not have a washing machine on board. The beds (bunks) on Dalliance are really comfy – especially when we are gently rocked by the waves!‚Äč


Just in case boredom hits in any of the anchorages we will be stopping at, we have lots of toys on board to keep us occupied including:

1 Sailing dinghy
3 Stand up Paddleboards
1 SUP windsurfer
3 Surfboards
2 Kiteboards and Kite surf rigs
1 Blow up flamingo
1 Swingball set
1 Boules set
1 Set of ninja warrior assault equipment
5 Sets of snorkels and fins
4 Fishing rods
1 Paddling pool
Various board games
And if we still have time – 3 tablets!