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Welcome to Miami! 27th May 2020 - Arrived Miami, last Monday! Oops, sorry to leave you guys on the cliffhanger of the dreaded squall from hell but
Mother Nature 15th May 2020 - 0140 on May 14th. We are not at sea, but I am awake, on anchor watch. For goodness sake! When
Quick Stop & 10,000 miles reached! 14th May 2020 - In case you are wondering why we have stopped, everything is fine, we are waiting out some bad weather that’s
A little taste of Freedom 12th May 2020 - “What are you looking at? He asked. I found it surprisingly hard to answer this question. “Nothing”, I replied. And
Deliberations 5th May 2020 - After the best part of 6 weeks of discussions, procrastinations, deliberations, some sleepless nights and lots and lots of phone

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    Time flies.

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    The big push…

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    The old and the new

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    And we’re off…

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