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H2O 28th April 2020 - I took a lot of things for granted before we embarked on this adventure last July, before we bashed across
Life… 7th April 2020 - Isn’t it weird that pretty much everyone you have ever encountered; every human you have come into contact with, whether
Day 1 lockdown 29th March 2020 - Much like the UK and many other parts of the world (1/3 of the population-last count), the British Virgin Islands
How things change 18th March 2020 - Wow, this is really an unchartered time we’re experiencing. The whole world, all of us are living in it all
Jocie’s and Isla’s blog 15th March 2020 - *a little light relief in the midst of all the madness, we hope you are all doing ok xxx* Jocie’s

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    Time flies.

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    The big push…

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    The old and the new

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    And we’re off…

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