At Barcelona we skated everywhere. It was a very good skateboarding place. There was an aquarium and me Sophie and Jocie could skate down and up the marina next to the boat by ourselves. We took snacks and water incase we got hungry and thirsty.

We went up the Ramblas which is a famous street with lots of actors and street performers and lots of old buildings, we saw a massive fresh market it had fresh smoothies and smelt like fish and meat! Daddy did a whole roll because he fell off of his skateboard and I fell off 6 times in one day! Whoops!

We got mum a lovely skirt and ate all different types of tapas and food, my favourite food was Mexican tacos. We went on lots of trains underground and carried our skateboards with us. We went to a science museum and an aquarium and went on bumper cars at the fair. Sophie went on a really high scary ride, they went fully upside down, she was very brave and it was called loop the loop, dad went with her, mum was too scared! We went to a high up roof top bar, it had a swimming pool that we weren’t allowed to swim in (what was it for then?!?!).

We tried out an escape room. We got locked in a room for fun and had to solve clues to find the key to get out, we had an hour to do it. The room was decorated like a pirate ship and the captain (who was a pretend skeleton) said it was sinking! I found the first key in a bird cage ( the bird was pretend), once we found that key we had to find lots of other keys and numbers for locks to get out. We just about managed it in time. It was really fun.

One of the best bits was the magic fountain, it lit up at night and exploded like a volcano. We wrote about it in boatschool so I’ll copy what I wrote in a bit…

Barcelona was busy and young and loud and fun.

From Isla! Xx


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  1. Hat says:

    Wow! What an amazing adventure you guys are having. I think I would have been scared of the fairground ride too tell mummy! Love Hattie xx

  2. paul kingston says:

    glad you enjoyed Barcelona,its a nice place,my brother and worked in Barcelona at a famous night club called La Scala,
    look forward to your next message
    Paul and Mavis

  3. Nette says:

    So glad you are having such a wonderful time. Love the pictures and you all look so well. Always love to hear from you. Love Nettie

  4. Lynne says:

    It’s such a joy to share this journey with you.
    Love from Lynne, Michael & Oscar xx

  5. Danny says:

    looks awesome 😉 and thats just the hair dude 🙂 lol

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