Isla’s blog #3

It is very very fun being on the boat and we are looking forward to visiting Pompeii and Vesuvius . On the boat we have to be very careful about our water, because otherwise we’ll run out and have non to drink. When it’s rocky we have to keep away from the staircases, otherwise we could fall down, Jocie has fallen down three times! We are good about how many snacks we eat because you can’t just pop to the shop when you are out at sea! We try to find ice pops everywhere we go, but the last 4 supermarkets did not have any so we are annoyed about that!

This is a picture of us being Vesuvius, mum is the magma chamber and Jocie is the lava coming out of the top! We sometimes have to hand clean our laundry, I hand cleaned my shorts and now I’ve lost them!

My favourite places so far we’re Formentera and Bonifacio, at Formentera it was a 30ft sandy bottom, and in Bonifacio we tied up to a cliff and got to snorkel off the back of the boat. There was a marina there too.

Oh my goodness, as I was writing this we just heard loads of church bells and fireworks! It was really loud and echoed all over the mountains of Amalfi! We are just finding out why that happened, it was strange to see fireworks in the day time they were orange and pink and green with coloured smoke too! It was amazing, here’s the video dad took, have a watch yourself!

Everything has been fun and I hope that everyone at school has had a great first few days.

Lots of love

Isla x

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  1. Nanny B & David says:

    Wow, what a lot you have been doing since we last visited your blog! Thank you Jocie, Sophie and Isla for your brilliant blogs, Rome is definitely on our bucket list now! We really didn’t need to worry about missing you all for a whole year, because we are following your journey and you are sharing your experiences so vividly, that we almost feel as if we are there with you all (pity about your dad’s feet!)!
    Lots of love,
    Nanny B & David xxxxx

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