Jocie’s blog #2!

Visiting the Colosseum was very fun! We had a tour around. It’s where gladiators and tigers fighted. The Roman toilets were holes in benches, and gladiators used to chop off people’s heads! There was a seesaw that people standed up on, you rock it to try to make one of the persons fall off and if they do fall off they’ll be eaten by the tigers! I liked Rome especially the ice creams!

Nanny Margaret is visiting, the second day she was here we went for a marina shower. I like marina showers because they make us fresh and you can use lots of water.

Sometimes we swim in the sea, it’s very fun when we swim in the sea. I normally swim with my sisters, Isla and Sophie, I’ve learnt to dive, it’s great!

If we are night sailing it’s good but it’s hard to sleep when the engine is on so I wear funny earplugs. I can hear my voice louder when I have my earplugs in. When my earplugs fall out I wake up – It’s annoying so we’re going to try and find some kids size earplugs!

I hope everybody at home is ok, I’ll write another blog soon!

Love Jocie x

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  1. Lucie Gray says:

    I loved reading your blog Jocie – looks like you are having a wonderful time!! How brilliant that you’ve learnt to dive – so many lovely new experiences for you!

    Miss you all lots
    Aunty Lucie xx

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