We did a lot of ‘lasts’ today


Today is the last day in our home for over a year. We’re moving boxes, clearing the kids drawers, only to find them freak out that their favourite bracelets are missing!!! We settled down at 17:00ish for some wholesome ‘lasts’.

A last lazy morning with a Full English round the table, a last kids party, a last lazy takeout, a last Movie on a tv (with the volume far louder than usual), a last bath, a last sleep in our beds, a last cuddle with the teddy’s we need to leave behind (and the hundreds we are taking with us). The girls are a little on edge, to say the least. This upheaval is monumental for the girls….. and I have to keep reminding them that what they are giving up is required to aid in what they are about to experience. All the ‘lasts’ are soon to be replaced with all the ‘firsts’!

One of my favourite quotes, that I firmly live by is “never let your memories be greater than your dreams”. It’s a difficult concept, as we live in a world where it’s always “the good old times” and “the best years of my life”. But this saying helps me to always look forward to greater things. The culmination of all these experiences are what we are and from what we will become.

Exciting times lay ahead and I am now off for my ‘last’ Martini at home….. for a while.


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  1. Kim says:

    The boys and I cannot wait to follow your adventures!

    Good times ahead.

    Enjoy xx

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