We have completed our 3rd & 4th BBBTBB – “Climb to the highest point of any island” AND “See a Volcano”!

After spending the last few weeks in Volcano territory, we finally got to climb from sea to summit of an active volcano on the island of Vulcano.

Anniversary Eruptions

We had previously climbed Vesuvius (though not from sea level) and seen in our 11th wedding anniversary at midnight whilst sitting 3 miles off the island and volcano Stromboli.

Lava spewing into the air and tumbling down the side provided a spectacular natural firework display to celebrate.

We woke the kids up and sat on the fore-deck for an hour with hot chocolates marveling at the raw (if a little scary) spectacle!

Here is a video and some pictures of our climb of the active Volcano on the island of Vulcano:


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  1. Nette says:

    OMG what a wonderful thing for you to be doing. Enjoy xxxxx.

  2. paul kingston says:

    Fantastic all off you,the girls did so well,


  3. Billy Bones says:

    I think this is awesome! If on your travels you find yourselves near Miami, please stop by and visit. Kristen and I are now managing MIami Beach Marina and would love to see you.

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