Day 11 of our crossing

Day 11 on the good ship Dalliance and we finally have a good blow behind us, surfing along at 8-10 knots in blistering sunshine, just as a transat crossing should be. We haven’t been blessed with the best winds so far and it has been frustrating trying to get the boat moving, especially when the ETA is reading upwards of 21 days to landfall, thankfully we are down to 4 days and with no signs of the winds easing, all being well, we should reach St Lucia by the 6th December.

Day 8 saw the kids lamenting about the lack of advent calendars to open, “Do they sell them in St Lucia, Mum? Cos we have to buy some and eat 6 chocolates in a row”. “Mmmm, not sure they do,” I posed, knowing full well I had three stashed in my cupboard after finding some in a supermarket in Lanzerote. Oh the shrieks of delight when I bought them out, it is amazing how little the girls seem to ask for now and how pleased they are with small gestures, long may it last!

Other than eating our body weight in curry – courtesy of a failing freezer, watching show upon show that the girls have devised and tracking another boat that we have been pinned to virtually the whole crossing, it has been quite an uneventful passage, I know, there’s still time and I’m touching wood as I write this!

I am stunned by how long the girls can amuse themselves with Lego, it’s been 9 hours and counting, the longer we are at sea the less they fight, perhaps we should just bypass the Caribbean and head for Panama (JOKE!).  I’d love to tell more tales of high seas and the adversity of ocean sailing, but the reality is that I’ve read 3 books, just painted my toenails and am about to cook some sticky rice for dinner!

So give or take 88hrs until a cold bevvie on dry land, not that I’m counting!

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  1. Nette says:

    so glad your nearly at St Lucia and treats all round. x

  2. paul kingston says:

    Well done to you all,it will be nice to arrive soon at your next stop,good to hear you are all well,
    keep us up to date,.
    Paul and Mavis

  3. Grandma Peaches says:

    It is so good to hear from you! You are in my thoughts and prayers everyday!
    It is the first thing we check every morning.
    Give those girls a kiss for me.
    So glad it is “smooth sailing”!
    Love and hugs

  4. Keith Holder says:

    I see you appear to be loosing the race with Recipe!! Any sign of that iron gennie? Hope you are having a great time. Love to all. Dad

  5. Danny says:

    congrats on the safe crossing guys now enjoy de rum n ting 😉 ps lego is king

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