Three days in and Three bits of news!

So, we are three days into our 2100 mile trip across the Atlantic and all is well. It always takes me about three days to fall into an offshore routine and seems like the kids magic number too. We are so used to things moving fast in life that the adjustment naturally takes a while. We have three bits of news so far:

1.) We have found a rival in a yacht named Recipe that we have been swapping the lead with since the start. She’s a Catamaran as well with a young family on board. It’s great to have a bit of company out here and the race element is always there when another boat is in sight… with a name like Recipe, we are hoping they may help us out at the other side with the next point.

2.) Our freezer has packed up! Now, when we provision for a 14-21 day trip, we have to consider all eventualities, so we do have enough food to eat that wasn’t frozen/refrigerated, however….  we Brookes’ love a curry, so when faced with the possibility of crossing the pond and not having a decent curry, we did what any sane man would do and stock up on £150 worth of delicious curry from Raj’s in Gibraltar (these really are top notch!). We are now faced with the next 5 days of curry with dinner. The girls are elated…. I had the Vindaloo last night before night watch’s…. I am not so elated! (We have managed to save a few for the other side in the small freezer compartment in the fridge).

3.) We have fish a plenty!. I haven’t had the fishing line out yet, but have caught 9 fish already. Every morning, Sophie and Isla go up on deck to do a fish sweep. For those that haven’t sailed in this part of the world before, I appreciate your confusion at this point. Basically, flying fish (yes, fish with wings) take to the air when confronted by a predator, or anything similar (a boat). They aren’t very good at controlling direction of flight, once airborne and tend to bump and skid off the tops of waves and occasionally find themselves high and dry on our deck! Unfortunately, the deck of a Catamaran is large and flat, meaning that once they find their way onto the deck, they are unlikely to get off (unless we notice before it’s too late and give them a gentle nudge over the side).

Anyway, everyone is happy on board and Liz has promised a Pamper party today…… so, I’m off to get my toe nails painted and slap a couple of cucumber slices on my eyes, the joys of being on board as the only man. 🙂

Ryan, Out.

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  1. Nette says:

    Oh joy Pamper party and curry! \Have lots of fun and keep safe xx.

  2. Grandma Peaches says:

    So nice to hear from you!
    We miss and love you and can’t wait to see you in the islands! Xxxxx

  3. Grandma Peaches says:

    So glad to hear from you. We follow you several times a day! Can’t wait to see the results of your beauty treatment! Love and miss you all! See you in the islands! Xxx

  4. Keith R Holder says:

    Ryan – it must have started when you wore those red tights at the fancy dress party. Worrying!!

  5. paul kingston says:

    Good to hear the latest news,weather here in England not good rain,rain,rain,keep the good work up,all ways nice hearing from you all,

  6. Danny says:

    is that a flying fish ??? awesome

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