How things change

Wow, this is really an unchartered time we’re experiencing. The whole world, all of us are living in it all at the same time. We are all in the proverbial ‘same boat’ we’re just a few weeks behind Europe. There are plus and minus points to this for us. We always thought if things went bananas we would get on the boat and sail away to somewhere that isn’t bananas, turns out everywhere is bananas so we have become very restricted in our movements. We do not belong here, and as such we are at the mercy of the local government to let us stay, even at anchor.

The only consistent we have right now is the boat and our family. We will be ok, as I strongly believe we all will, if we look after ourselves and each other. We’ve been following the news like mad things, especially ensuring we’re up to date on what’s happening at home and border closures and where we can and can’t go. Turns out at this point in time we can’t go anywhere so here we’ll stay!

The boat is stocked with food. I have a good med kit and we are in shape physically, despite too much Caribbean coffee (rum). We have a couple of boats here who we can call on and a friend of Ryan’s lives on island. We have each other. To say we are concerned about what’s happening is an understatement, but with a little rational thought and some deep breaths we know it will all be ok – in the end (rum helps too).

We’ll give updates whenever we can and we are thinking of you all wherever you are. Never thought I would say this but thank goodness for social media. It’s difficult being this far from home and from loved ones but at least we can connect remotely with each other and it has been inspiring to see how everyone is pulling together, offering to check on things for us too! Thank you.

To see islanders elbow bump and hand sanitise every 2 minutes is a novel experience but one that I am happy about right now! We wish you all love and health, we’ll check back soon xxx

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  1. Mavis & Paul says:

    Keep well,you have been self isolating for some time, so you will fare better than most. keep up the blogs ,we love them,you couldn’t get into Chi as the lock gate is shut for 5 weeks! We might have to take to swimming in the Solent.

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