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*a little light relief in the midst of all the madness, we hope you are all doing ok xxx*

Jocie’s blog – Sophie just wake boarded behind the boat and it’s very fun to watch! We’ve been swimming in loads of pools, I’ve boogie boarded behind the dinghy, it was scary at first but then it got really fun. I didn’t like swimming with stingrays much because they sting if you step on them and they were really big and really slimy! I have learnt to skateboard a bit because I got a new skateboard for my birthday, it’s quite hard but I’m getting better at it, my sisters are better at it than me, which is really annoying! It’s very hot here, I don’t like being too hot so I swim in the sea and sit underneath a fan to get cold. We’ve been to a lot of stops, I don’t have a favourite stop but I really liked Morocco and i can’t think of any that I really didn’t like. Love Jocie x

Isla’s blog – We did Kitesurfing and wake boarding at Union and Green Island, it was very, very fun. What we did was, we got on the board, then we waited for the handle to come round and….there we go, pop, we’re up! Yippee! But that was Wake boarding, Kitesurfing is even funnier! What you get to do is, you get to hold onto your own kite ( which is like a motor )and then it’s like you get to get on the board and off you go!! Whoo hoo! We did three hours each day-three or two shall I say- Jocie did boogie boarding too, this was an awesome adventure. Thanks for reading!! From Isla x 🌊

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  1. Nette says:

    well done girls! You all look just great. Hope you carry on enjoying and by the time you get back the rest of the world may just have calmed down.

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