I guess I knew the Balearics were going to be busy… but arriving in a quiet anchorage in Sardinia has really highlighted this point. I have realised that there are a lot of people in the world!!!! The only time I seem to see an exception to this in when out at sea.

The 24 hour hop over to Sardinia from Menorca was bumpy, to say the least. Great breeze, but short sharp waves on the beam made it a bit uncomfortable.

On arrival to Sardinia, we were greeted by large rugged cliffs, promising to deliver flat seas and tranquility in their lee. They delivered….. peace at last from the hectic, anchorages in the Balearics.

We anchored next to one other 20ft sailing boat and took the dinghy into a small cove where we were pleasantly surprised to find a quiet beach bar serving (my Italian cocktail of choice) delicious Negronis. We retired to our peaceful anchorage for a BBQ and a quiet nights sleep……. until midnight, when we discover we are anchored right next to a nightclub blaring out loud music until 6 AM. Aaaghh!

Thankfully that was a one off and the next 2 nights were noise free! After some internet digging we discovered a sea level cave, hike-able from the beach with 636 steps down to ‘Neptune’s Grotto’. Amazing. We set off in the morning kitted up with water and sun cream on our expedition.

The walk was breathtaking down flights of stairs on the side of a cliff, until approximately step 517 when, we meet a queue. SO MANY PEOPLE IN THE WORLD!

The cave, was indeed incredible. And the girls have never been in anything of this scale before, so I am glad we did it… just would have been more magical without the hoards!

We spent the next day on the boat, in the hope that we did not see a single person. Full water sports day with Sup, windsurf, surfboards and dinghy. I had a great time watching Liz try to sail the dinghy in challenging breeze conditions. We then decided to let the girls play around capsizing, they loved it.

So to summarise, Sardinia is far more my kind of place than the Balearics, give me a quiet anchorage with a good negroni and I’m happy!


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  1. Kitty says:

    The cave looks amazing. Hope you are having an fantastic time – it looks like you are! I hope to come and visit you soon.😊
    Lots of love Kitty xx

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