Unexpected joys

As I write we are motoring slowly from Majorca to Minorca it’s 1am in the morning and I’m dictating into my phone so please forgive any grammatical errors!

There were many unexpected joys in our latest cruising ground. I thought of Palma as an upmarket cosmopolitan metropolis with too many overpriced shops and too many overpriced individuals, turned out I was wrong. The architecture is completely stunning all beautifully built out of dark stone. Small streets lead you to unexpected panoramas of biblical buildings and gothic statues.

We had a lovely last minute visit from our first guests, Ryan’s mum, Carol and our nephew, David. I’m happy to say that a little dilution of our tribe was welcomed by all. As was the relief of a bit of breeze when we finally left the stifling hot marina in search of an anchorage.

After 4 days of holidaying, eating delicious tapas, paddle boarding and lounging it was time to say goodbye again to our extended family, which is always the hard part. This was made just a touch less sad by another unexpected joy of anchoring for our last night in Palqma, directly in front of the majestic up-lit Cathedral.

A few more unexpected joys that I really had to share:

  • An air-conditioned shower room – I could have sat in there all day!
  • My children letting me have a lie-in whilst harmoniously amusing themselves in their cabin(!!!)
  • Sophie eating tapas with us and, looking over at her sisters’ chicken nuggets, declaring, “What was I thinking eating that for the last 10 years!”
  • A cafe in a supermarket which I was expecting to be bog standard turns out to be a rooftop bistro with the best views in the city – result!
    Ryan being so justifiably happy with his choice of boat bbq!
    Isla throwing herself back in the water despite a nasty jellyfish sting (and the ceremonious basting of said sting in various vinegar-based condiments!)
    Jocie being so kind and helpful with her 14-year-old cousin and teaching him the ways of the boat, “Don’t worry David I’ll be there to help you” – bless!
    And to seeing and getting back in touch with old friends – thank you Pri, Luiz, little Luca and you, Mr Porter!

And so onwards to Minorca. We have heard it’s more low-key than its neighbouring islands, given that I’ve been living in a swimsuit for the last six days, that’s probably a good thing!

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4 responses so far.

  1. Grandma Peaches says:

    So happy you are having such a great time! Love, love, love! XX

  2. Nette says:

    so good to hear your news. Glad you are having such a great time and you have met up with family and friends. I love tapas too! All well back here. Lots of love from Nette xxxxxx

  3. BMS Salvage - Michele says:

    palma cathedral at night – wow wow wow … i really love these little updates, keep them coming 🙂 You will be comforted to know its pouring with rain here at home and has been on and off for last couple of week, take me back to barcelona !!! miss you guys xxxx

  4. Danny says:

    Palma is beautiful and of course you went on to my favourite place in the world Minorca xxx good to see your making great progress and still living the dream guys 😉

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