The BIG off

So here we are, it’s all come down to this, the night before the big crossing. We had an excellent blog to post, penned by grandad Keith, unfortunately technical malfunctions and a stupidly slow data connection has made posting almost impossible so you’ll have to settle for my ramblings.

The crossing from Gran Canaria to here was rough and unforgiving, the first couple of nights were dominated by big seas and very windy weather, stressful and rocky although the girls were non the wiser. We lost the auto helm (again) 2 days in and had to steer the boat by hand for over 500 miles which in the conditions we had was not fun, luckily GK took up a lot of the strain and we were able to maintain a degree of normality onboard. The girls took advantage of the lack of supervision and did amazingly well devising all sorts of role play games and fun.

We were pleased to reach Port – Mindelo, Cape verdes – and use our new found arm muscles to lift a beer to cheers our challenging but rewarding passage. The past 4/5 days have been spent replenishing supplies and getting ready for the big crossing. The girls have made over 20 Euro selling homemade wares, apparently they are little entrepreneurs!

So we have fixed all that’s needed, stowed our fresh supplies on board and are ready mentally and physically for the next push, the weather is looking good, if a little on the light side wind wise. all being well we should be over to the Caribbean in 2 weeks.

I’ll be happy to get back to sea for a bit of a rest: it’s been hectic, not least sleeping on a boat pitching and rolling against the dock in Cape Verdes!

So next stop St Lucia , we are really pleased you are all following us and will post as soon as we can on our arrival there xxx

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  1. Lynne says:

    Take care you gorgeous people and enjoy a good crossing. Delighted to hear you have extra capable hands, – enjoy your time with the family Keith. Love from Lynne & Michael xx

  2. Danny says:

    eeeeaaaaakkkk good luck guys hope its smooth sailing for the big crossing look forward to seeing the updates when i return to the office after my opp and seeing your safely over in the west side 😉 Danny xx

  3. paul kingston says:

    well done again,dont know how you do all this but fantastic,
    kids are a marvel,keep us informed, its so very interesting what you are doing,keep safe,
    paul and mavis

  4. Nette says:

    Very well done all of you – so brave and exciting. What an adventure. look forward to hearing when you reach St Lucia. Stay safe. Nette x

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